Meditation. Reasons to be mindful.


Stress can hold us back from staying focussed and fully productive at work.  Too much can affect our wellbeing, workplace relationships and lead to sick days.

COVID-19 has brought global change and an increase in stress.  We now offer mindfulness meditation providing a break from our thoughts, enabling us to pay attention to the present, and reducing feelings of stress.  To learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and how we can help your team, get in touch today.


Our Clients

Below is a selection of the high profile clients who have benefited from using our services at events, exhibitions, promotions and office fun days. These corporate events are in addition to the hundreds of Pamper Parties organised each year.


Our mobile beauty and massage therapists provide the most popular spa and salon treatments suited to the office environment.

A nationwide wellbeing solution

We’ve got the UK covered with our network of fully qualified and insured therapists committed to providing a friendly and professional experience. Our services are designed to reduce stress in the workplace and for staff working from home to promote overall employee health and wellbeing.

Please contact us if your area is not listed, as below are just a selection of the areas we cover.