Workplace therapies and office Massage in liverpool

corporate events and office massage liverpoolAs part of an holistic approach to stress management, onsite therapies can help to combat stress in your workplace.  Massage based therapies have the immediate effect of inducing relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.  A 15 minute office massage will produce a sense of relaxation which may last for the rest of the working day.

Improving Employee Health & Overall Wellbeing

Long term stress can produce a multitude of effects on the physical body which can be detrimental to employee health. Regular workplace therapy days can have a rehabilitating effect upon your staff stress levels and overall employee health.

MARKETING PROMOTIONS& corporate events

Under our Pamper Promotions brand, we can provide therapists at your corporate events in and around the City of Liverpool to create a memorable lasting impression for your customers – create a buzz, stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

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