de-stress & invigorate

On-site massage is a stress relieving treatment using a combination of massage and acupressure techniques on the points where tension is held.  Provided in a specially designed chair through clothes and without the use of oils, this treatment will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

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calm & focus the mind

An Indian head massage is a relaxing treatment that calms and focusses the mind.  It includes a scalp, neck and shoulder massage, targetting stress and tension in these areas leaving you re-energised.

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look & feel good

A professional beauty treatment that leaves your hand and nails looking and feeling good. Ideal for office pampering where times can vary to fit into the working day.  Treatments vary from a file and polish to a luxurious 45 minute treatment.

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relax & indulge

A pedicure is a wonderfully relaxing and indulgent treatment that will result in your nails and feet looking and feeling fabulous.  Beauty treatments in the office are a popular choice with staff as part of an office pamper day or staff incentive.

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treat your body & mind

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that stimulates certain regions on the feet or hands, which are said to mirror organs within the body.  A wide range of benefits are reported to the body and mind, together with an overall sense of wellness.

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relax & unwind

Our beauty therapists are used to providing treatments in all kinds of locations so there is nothing to prevent you from having a rejuvenating facial in the office as a fun office pampering day or part of an ongoing programme of office based beauty therapies.

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the ultimate indulgence

The treatment can be a full body massage or can focus on particular areas of the body requiring attention such as back neck and shoulders or legs and feet.  Massage in the workplace, provides a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing.

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sports MASSAGE

targetting aches & pains

Sports massage differs from traditional massage in that it targets specific muscles associated with the prevention or management of aches and pains.  A popular choice at the end of team building events.

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other treatments

We have listed the most popular office based treatments.  If you require a treatment that is not listed, please contact us as there is a good chance we will have a therapist amongst our network who can provide the treatment.

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