Office Massage & Workplace Therapies

office massage cheltenham and corporate eventsWe can provide a range of office massage and beauty treatments to your company in Cheltenham as part of an ongoing corporate wellbeing scheme, or as a stress reducing one-off event.  From an Indian Head Massage or Seated Acupressure (Chair Massage) to pampering beauty therapies.  Motivate your staff with our range of workplace therapies suitable for the office environment.

Motivating Employees & Rewarding Teams

Therapy Treatments can be used as incentives for outstanding employees or high performing teams.  Motivate your staff with massage or pampering beauty treatments in the office .

promotions MARKETING & corporate EVENTS 

Under our Pamper Promotions brand, we can provide therapists at your marketing and corporate events in and around Cheltenham to create a memorable lasting impression for your customers – create a buzz, stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

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