office Massage & Workplace Therapies in nottingham

corporate events, office massage nottingham, corporate eventsA 15 minute Indian Head Massage motivates hardworking staff as part of a regular office wellbeing day.  Stress reducing treatments such as office massages can help aches and pains including RSI associated with desk based work.  We can provide a range of wellbeing therapy treatments to your company in Nottingham, from Seated Acupressure (Onsite Chair Massage) to pampering beauty treatments.

Staff Motivation Ideas

Your employees can also benefit from innovative employee incentives including office pamper days and Pamper Parties as a reward for high performing individuals.  Workplace therapy based incentives are a healthy and effective approach to employee motivation.

corporate EVENTS, PROMOTIONS & marketing drives

Under our Pamper Promotions brand, we can provide therapists for your marketing drives and corporate events in and around the City of Nottingham. Stand out from the crowd, create a buzz and make a lasting impression with your customers by including treatments to pamper, indulge and invigorate.

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