Seated Chair Massage

Woman relaxing with chair massage treatments at work


The Seated Chair Massage is a calming treatment designed to awaken and invigorate leaving you focussed for the rest of the day.  Treatment times start from a 5 minute pick me up.


A one off treatment will leave you revitalised.  Regular treatments can help to identify problems before they become serious providing insight into areas which would benefit from stretching or postural awareness, giving an overall sense of wellbeing.


Seated Massage is performed in a comfortable ergonomic massage chair, designed to maximise relaxation.  Chair massage does not involve the removal of clothes so can be provided anywhere.  The massage chair itself takes up the space of a normal office chair, however there should be space around the chair for the therapist to move around.


A 15 minute treatment is the most popular chair massage treatment length. The treatment can scale down to 5 minutes for situations where a large volume of clients require a massage in one session.  To enhance the quality of your experience a 5 minute change-over is scheduled between each treatment.


The seated chair massage or acupressure massage is suitable for all kinds of events but is particularly popular for regular office massage wellbeing days, exhibitions and promotional events, conferences and meetings.

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