Sports Massage

Sports leg massage at work


Sports massage tends to be deeper than traditional massage targetting aches and pains associated with office work.  A sports massage therapist is also familiar with lighter massage techniques which can be applied for relaxation purposes your request.


Techniques are used to reduce localised muscle tension (e.g. knots) stretch muscle fibres and encourage healing by improving blood flow to problem areas.  Your therapist may also give advice, stretches and exercises to help with injury rehabilitation and prevention.  It’s not necessarily sporty people who benefit the most, as office workers with back, neck and shoulder pain can achieve the most consistent results from regular sports massage treatments.


Sports massage is performed on a massage couch, your therapist will also provide towels and oils.


For couch massage in the office a private room is required.  It is also essential that the room is warm and quiet for maximum benefit.  The couch is approximately 6 foot long and additional space is required to allow the therapist to move around comfortably.


A sports massage requires a minimum of 30 minutes up to 60 minutes.  It is advised that an additional 15 minutes is allowed for the first consultation with the sports massage therapist to enable a full assessment and discussion of treatment.


Sports massage is not usually suitable for ‘one off’ events, unless the event is sports related.  Sports massage is particularly suited to those companies who are already used to having on site therapy treatments and want to broaden the range of treatments available.  To maintain continuity of treatments it is suggested that a regular sports therapist is allocated to a particular company.

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