Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage in corporate workplace


Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment releasing muscle tension in the head neck and shoulders leaving you revitalised and your mind focussed.  This treatment is suited to the office environment as it can be given through clothing and no oils are used.


The massage can often bring immediate relief from symptoms of stress and it helps to improve circulation to the head and assists in the removal of toxins.  The Indian Head Massage will leave you calm and centred with a feeling of overall wellbeing.


A convenient treatment for the workplace, ideally given in a quiet room for maximum benefit, however, the treatment can take place at the employer’s desk if required.   Due to the flexibility of this treatment it can even be given in a standard low back office chair.


A 15 minute treatment is the most popular time in the office environment, although the treatment is very scalable, even a 5 minute treatment will induce a sense of calmness.   To enhance the quality of your experience a 5 minute change-over is scheduled between each treatment.


Due to its flexibility and minimum equipment requirements, the Indian Head Massage is suitable to a host of different environments from office based wellbeing days, corporate fun days and promotional events.

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