We have been creating a buzz at events since 2004 ensuring your customers leave with a positive lasting impression associated with your product or service. Our winning combination of customer focused staff, together with our innovative use of technology, ensures the smooth running of bookings and ultimately happy customers. Our approach is friendly, professional and flexible and we are always happy to deal with your enquiry.


We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs which is why we provide you with a dedicated representative who is responsible for organising your event, booking therapists whose skills match your requirements and answer any questions to ensure your event runs smoothly. Where appropriate, a rota is created to allocate treatment slots and a schedule is sent to both client and therapist. We understand that excellent communication and preparation are key to the success of your event and our staff are pivotal in achieving this.


Our professional therapists are fully qualified for the treatments they provide and are insured through accredited organisations. We supply detailed information to our therapists regarding their bookings and have created a sophisticated log-in system where they can track their event bookings. We take great care to ensure the therapists in our network feel valued and believe the respect shown towards them is reflected in the quality of the treatments they provide at your event.


With a network of over 2,000 therapists across the UK, we provide beauty and massage therapists at events to promote your business with maximum results and the minimum of fuss. The size of our network and our equitable approach to our therapists means that if a therapist is unable to attend an event at the last minute, we can usually find a quick replacement ensuring a consistency of service.


All bookings are tracked and managed via an IT system which can be accessed online by your dedicated representative. This means that the status of bookings and any actions which need to be taken are immediately viewable by everyone involved in the organisation. Effective event organisation involves the co–ordination of people, delivery of information and communication at every step. With our IT systems we are able to keep track of multiple simultaneous events.


We offer all our clients the opportunity to give feedback after their event and take a sincere approach to dealing with any customer service issues. Our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that we will seek to make satisfactory amends if any part of our service fails to meet the standards we strive for.  Please click here to read more.

We work within a culture of customer excellence and look forward to working with you at your event to help you stand out from the crowd.

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