As early pioneers of the Pamper Party concept we have led the way in developing packages and processes which have come to define Pamper Parties.


We schedule breaks for our therapists and change-over time between each treatment, this ensures you receive your full treatment times and that your experience is a relaxed one. By adding breaks for our therapists, they are able to fully pamper you and your friends and prepare for the next treatment.

Our Bookings Management System

Our bookings are managed using a sophisticated bookings management system for our Pamper Parties. Key information about your booking can be viewed by the customer, your Representative and your Therapist(s). This means that everyone involved has all the correct information at their fingertips and everyone can stay on top of what needs to be done to deliver your party. We have an inbuilt system of alerts and progress trackers to check that your party is being properly organised according to our tried and tested approach.

Our Customer Login

We realised early on that guests need to choose treatments in advance to ensure parties run smoothly on the day. In 2007 we implemented our Pamper Party Customer Login which allowed guests to select their own treatments online after receiving an invitation from the main organiser. This means that parties are so much easier to organise from the customer’s perspective, parties can be monitored and reminders sent to guests in order to select treatments. With our customer login, the customer is reassured, seeing exactly how their party organisation is progressing, giving you one less thing to worry about in the lead up to your event.

*Our customer login is used with our standard Pamper Party packages. It is not used for customised parties, our Mid-Week or Teen Pampering service.

Our Team of Representatives

From the moment your booking is confirmed we will put you in touch with a Representative who will be responsible for organising your party; they will book the appropriate therapists, matching their skills to your requirements and answer any questions you may have about your party. Our aim is to ensure that everyone involved with your party has all of the details and information they need so that everything runs smoothly on the day. Our Representatives have been a key factor in our ability to deliver a nationwide service while maintaining a ‘local’ level of service.

The Size & Skills Of Our Therapist Network

We have a very large network of professional Therapists who can provide a wide range of good quality treatments. On the rare occasion that we experience any last minute hitches, our extensive network and strong relationships with our therapists usually enables us to fulfil bookings to our customer’s satisfaction. Our broad geographical coverage means that we can reach many areas that may be considered as quite remote.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer customers the chance to give feedback after their event and take a sincere approach to dealing with any customer service issues. Our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that we will seek to make satisfactory amends if any part of our service fails to meet the standards we strive for.  Please click here to read more.