Below is a comprehensive list of questions we receive about our Corporate bookings, if your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

What should I wear for treatments, will I need to undress?

Treatments such as On-Site Chair Massage or Indian Head Massage can be performed through the clothes although you may prefer to remove jackets or other outer clothing prior to treatments. If you are receiving a massage treatment which does require the removal of some clothing a private area will be provided, only areas being treated by the therapist will be exposed.

Will oils be used for massage?

Oils are not used for office based on-site chair massages or Indian Head Massages although oils and creams will be used for table massage and sports massage treatments.

Are there any medical conditions for which therapies are not suitable?

You will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire prior to receiving treatments as certain treatments are not appropriate for certain conditions. Your therapist will give appropriate advice during a pre-treatment consultation.

A note on respectful conduct:

Therapists reserve the right to refuse treatments from clients behaving inappropriately and such behaviour will be taken very seriously.

What qualifications & insurances do the therapists hold?

All freelance therapists working on behalf of The Pamper Company hold the appropriate qualifications and insurance cover for the treatments provided. All documents are held on file at our office and can be produced on request. Therapist insurances are provided by a range of therapist insurers and include coverage for public liability and professional indemnity cover to a minimum of £1 Million and typically to the value of £3 Million. The Pamper Company Ltd carries public liability insurance. In cases where therapists have renewed their insurances but have yet to receive a new certificate we request that the therapist provide us with details of their insurer and a reference number and we check their coverage directly with the insurance provider.

Do the therapists wear uniforms?

Therapists wear uniforms which are appropriate to the treatments they provide.

Which products do your therapists use?

Our network of therapists are all trained in different products, while we ask that these are good quality, we do not currently endorse any specific products.

Do the therapists require breaks during treatments?

We usually organise treatment rotas so that there is a minimum of 5 minutes change-over between treatments. This provides time for pre-treatment consultations and post treatment feedback. We are not advocates of back to back treatments where clients may feel rushed.  We therefore provide rotas and schedules with sensible break times allocated for therapists.

Can employees pay for themselves?

Payment is by invoice directly to the Company, unless otherwise agreed.

How will I hear about special offers?

We send special offers to customers to have previously booked with us and did not opt out of our mailing list.

What is your pricing structure?

Please see our Pricing page for more information.

Where in the country can you provide your services?

With a large network of therapists in England, Scotland and Wales we can provide therapies in most towns and cities.  See Locations for coverage details.

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