marketing ideas

What are you announcing to the world? What message do you want to communicate?  Having our therapists at your event creates a buzz and a powerful anchor in the mind of your customer in line with your marketing message; stand out from the crowd and be remembered.


We can supply teams of massage therapists and beauty therapists for your product launch creating excitement about your product and communicating a message of fun, caring, sensuousness or femininity.


Journalists love to be pampered and a quick manicure or hand massage can be the perfect accompaniment to your PR event creating a memorable imprint in the mind of your audience.


Offering therapies at an exhibition is a great way to create a buzz, pull in the crowds, and be noticed amongst the blizzard of brands. Touch is a powerful medium. Pampering at your event offers your customer a wonderfully memorable experience which they will positively associate with your company at a deep subconscious level.


Pampering gifts or prizes are an attractive medium for promoting beauty related products and services or building awareness for brands targeting the female marketplace. In retail, pampering for ‘in store promotions’ and store openings can be an enticing feature. We can organise a bespoke pampering offer for your campaign.

See Pamper Promotions for more details on our marketing and promotional pampering services.


A more permanent method of communicating a brand is through the provision of Massage Stations in environments such as airport lounges, shopping centres or anywhere you may wish to create a relaxing sanctuary from the hustle and bustle outside. A permanent massage station communicates a consistent message of calm and relaxation.

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