What happens at a Pamper Party?

Therapists will arrive in plenty of time to set up and start party treatments as scheduled.  You don’t need to worry about equipment, towels or products as they will be provided by your therapists.  Your Party Representative will ensure that a schedule is prepared ahead of the date so that your party runs smoothly on the day, all that is left is for you to relax and have fun with your friends.

How many guests do I need?

Our Pamper Parties are for a minimum of 3 guests and our Pamper At Home service is tailored for between 1 and 4 guests.

If you have any special requirements, please contact us for a customised quotation.

Can we choose different treatment lengths?

Within our standard Pamper Party packages, guests can increase or decrease their overall treatment lengths by multiples of 15 minutes. If several guests want differing treatment times we would advise you to select the package that fits most people, and let them change their overall treatment times when they log in to select treatments.

Where do the therapies take place?

Massage and facials usually take place in a bedroom or another quiet room.  Manicures and pedicures can be set-up anywhere that you have adequate space. During the summer, therapies can take place in the garden (e.g. under a gazebo). Most Pamper Parties are hosted in people’s homes but we can also come to your hotel or rented cottage (please get their permission before booking).

How much space will I need?

We ask is that you provide a standard table and chairs for manicures and pedicures; a quiet room like a bedroom works really well for facials and massage enabling you to fully relax.

Please bear in mind our therapists will bring a portable couch for facials and massage treatments (6 ft x 2.5 ft) and room is needed for our therapists to move comfortably around while treating you.

How long does a Pamper Party last?

Our parties are a minimum of 3 hours.  We schedule in breaks for your therapists and change-over times between treatments, to ensure you receive your full treatment times.

Do you cover my area?

We have therapists throughout the UK.  If you want a party in a remote area of the country we advise that you contact us first to check availability (this will be subject to an additional charge for our therapists to travel to your party).

Are there any additional charges?

Travel costs: an additional £10 will be added, per therapist, to your booking.  Parties in remote areas or booked at short notice, may be subject to a slightly higher travel cost  If parking is not available, or restricted at your venue, our therapists may be compensated for alternative travel to your event.  Therapists’  parking charges to be paid directly on the day of the party.  Congestion charges and toll fees will be added to the party booking fee and paid when the final balance is due.

Last minute bookings: please add £2 per guest for bookings with 14 days or less notice.

Additional costs: if your party is on a Sunday / Bank Holiday or finish after 10pm, there will be an additional fee of £20.

How do I make a booking?

Please click on one of the following links:-

Pamper Parties    PAMPER AT HOME    teen parties    Gift Vouchers

What are your Booking Terms & Conditions

Please click here for more information.

How much notice do you require?

We can usually accommodate last minute Pamper Parties, however we will require full payment at the time of booking and will charge an additional £2 per guest.  This will apply to bookings received less than 2 weeks’ before the party date.  You may also be subject to an additional charge for therapists to travel to your party.  We also request that your guests are flexible regarding the treatments they would like to receive.

How do I invite my guests?

When you book a Pamper Party you will receive a password with your party confirmation which will allow you to login to our system and invite your guests online. They can then select their own treatments prior to the party.  You can monitor your guests treatment selections and you can send a quick reminder to anyone who is taking a while to choose their treatments.  See Customer Login.

*We do not provide a customer login and invitation system for our Pamper at Home services”

What treatments can we have?

At Pamper Parties, the most popular treatments are massages, manicures, pedicures and facials.  We can also provide treatments like reflexology, Indian head massage, eyebrow shaping and make-up.  While we can usually guarantee the availability of the most popular treatments, the availability of others may depend on the number of guests who are interested in those treatments and the number of therapists attending your party.  See Treatments for more details.

*With our Pamper At Home service the range of treatments is limited according to the selected package

What products do the therapists use?

Our network of therapists are all trained in different products, while we ask that these are good quality, we do not currently endorse any specific products.

What if we are unhappy with the service levels provided?

We all do our best to ensure that we are providing the best possible service to our customers. We have excellent organisational procedures and work with a fantastic team of representatives and therapists. If for any reason you feel that we have not lived up to a customer’s expectations we are keen to rectify the situation with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Are there any age limits?

There are no upper age limits, as long as clients have no pre-existing conditions which may prevent them from receiving treatments.  Unfortunately we do not currently provide our services to guests under 13 years old.

Can guests come even if they don't want treatments?

Yes of course they can, however at Pamper Parties they will not be able to have a treatment on the day if they change their mind.

What happens if I need to change the number of guests?

We are happy to make small adjustments before we receive your final payment.  If the number of guests does change, so too may the number of therapists we are able to supply and this may affect the treatments available.  Refunds can be given for guests who are unable to attend your Pamper Party if we are provided with a minimum of 14 days’ notice.

If guest numbers change at a Pamper At Home booking the total time can be split between the remaining guests.

Do I need to provide the therapists with anything?

All of our therapists are self sufficient, they may need some hot water or to use electricity for foot spas.  For manicures and pedicures, we ask that you provide a standard table and chairs  (they will provide towels to cover your table).  They will also appreciate a pre-prepared space for them to work in according to the guidelines we provide in the information pack we’ll send to you.

Will we have to buy products from you or your company?

We do not promote any other products or pressurise any other guests to book parties.

Do you offer Pamper Parties for men?

We are more than happy to organise mixed pamper parties.

Do the therapists wear uniforms?

The therapists will wear clothing appropriate to the treatments they are providing. This will usually be black, white or grey beauty tunics.

What clothes should the guests wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in, loose fitting clothing or bath robes are ideal.

How will I receive special offers?

We send special offers to customers to have previously attended pamper parties with us and did not opt out of our mailing list.

Can you provide free pampering for our charity fundraiser or PTA event?

We recommend that you contact therapists directly for charitable fundraising events and suggest you offer them a small fee for their time and products.

Are certain medical conditions contra-indicated for pampering treatments?

There are a small number of medical conditions for which pampering treatments are totally contra-indicated and some conditions which require the client’s consent before they can be given.  You will be required to sign a consent form, handed to your therapist prior to receiving your treatment. We also provide a full list and information in our Customer Login area for Pamper Parties.

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