The Pamper Company Booking Terms & Conditions

These booking terms and conditions are in relation to services provided by The Pamper Company Limited of 8 Seldens Way, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 2DL.  Company Registration Number 05129858

In these booking terms and conditions, the following expressions shall be given:-


1.1 The Pamper Company: The Pamper Company Limited.

1.2 Event: The period during which a therapist provides massage, beauty, or holistic treatments to the client as agreed, and paid for, in advance through a signed booking form.

1.3 The Client: Any person, company or organisation placing an order with The Pamper Company for treatments.

1.4 Freelance Therapist: Any person who is supplied by The Pamper Company with a view to carrying out treatments for, or on behalf of, The Pamper Company.

1.5 Deposit: Means non-refundable amount to accept, confirm and administer the Event.

The Provision

2.1 The Pamper Company will take all reasonable endeavours to introduce to the Client suitable Freelance Therapists for the requested treatments.

2.2 Freelance therapists to be qualified and insured for the treatments provided on an agreed date, time and location for the agreed hours.

2.3 The Pamper Company will obtain all relevant work permits where necessary and satisfy all medical requirements, qualifications and insurance as may be required by law in relation to the engagement of a Freelance Therapist.

2.4 The Pamper Company will do its utmost to ensure the completion of the engagement in its entirety.  If any therapist is unable to perform his/her full engagement due to sickness, COVID-19 related reasons, injury or any other reason, The Pamper Company will use all reasonable endeavours to fulfil its obligation by providing an alternative Freelance Therapist.  The Client accepts this may involve individuals changing their treatment choice in line with the replacement Therapist’s skills.  If an alternative Therapist is secured and treatments provided, no refund will be issued.  Should any part of the agreement not be fulfilled in its entirety, The Pamper Company will deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled portion of the engagement.

2.5 The Pamper Company shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, injury, damage, expense or delay suffered by the Client or the Freelance Therapist.  This exclusion shall extend (but not be limited) to the consequences of any act or omission (whether wilful, negligent, reckless, dishonest or otherwise) which takes place during the Event on the part of the Freelance Therapist or the Client.  The client acknowledges that the Pamper Company’s charges are set on the basis that it has no such liability.

2.6 In the event of a Force Majeure (unforeseeable circumstances that prevent either The Pamper Company, or a Freelance Therapist from fulfilling a contract) The Pamper Company will notify the Client at the earliest opportunity and reserves the right to cancel the Event.  Where an Event has been paid for in advance, but the services yet to be provided, the Client will be offered an alternate date at no extra cost.  The Client may also gift the booking to another Client of their choice, subject to The Pamper Company being able to fulfil the alternate booking based on location.  All monies will be transferred to the new agreed date.  The Client will be entitled to a full refund should they elect not to rebook excluding the deposit.

Freelance Therapist

3.0 The Pamper Company operates equal opportunities policies governing its dealings with employees, Freelance Therapists and Clients.

3.1 The Freelance Therapists are required to act in a professional and respectable manner at all times.

3.2 Freelance Therapists are not employees of The Pamper Company but self-employed or engaged under a contract for services providing their own equipment and products for the treatments offered.

3.3 The Freelance Therapist is entitled to pre-scheduled breaks during the course of the engagement. These may be taken as individual breaks or as an elongated break depending on arrangements with the Client.

3.4 The Freelance Therapist reserves the right not to provide the service for any individual they deem unfit.  The Client will be liable to pay for in full, but not receive their pre-scheduled treatment under any of the following circumstances, but not limited to:-

  • Any medical condition not mentioned at the time of booking or listed within the contraindications on the consent form
  • Intoxication
  • Misconduct or suggestive comments
  • Pregnancy: The Pamper Company does not provide pregnancy massage during the first trimester (12 weeks of pregnancy).
  • Failure to complete and or meet The Pamper Company’s criteria on COVID-19 prior to treatment.

3.5 The Freelance Therapists will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness but in such an event, The Pamper Company will have no liability for any loss of Treatment time.

3.6 Freelance Therapists follow strict COVID-19 related health and safety protocols in line with Government guidelines at the time.

The Client

4.0 The Client is responsible for providing an accurate address and relevant contact details for the Event, and ensuring the contact is available on the day of the Event should either The Pamper Company or the Freelance Therapist need to contact them.  The Pamper Company will have no liability for any loss of treatment time due to inaccurate address information, or, if the venue cannot be found and the contact is unavailable.

4.1 The Client to ensure that all guests have signed the appropriate Health Consent Form before receiving treatments on the day of the Event.

4.2 The Client to organise separate treatment rooms for each therapist.  The Client to ensure the room offers adequate space for the Freelance Therapist to provide treatments and that health and safety measures have been followed: the room is to be ventilated where possible, surfaces and door handles sanitised and a (pedal) bin provided.

4.3 The Client will take all reasonable endeavours to ensure that guests limit the intake of alcoholic beverages prior to receiving treatments. The legal limit for driving is a suitable guideline.

4.4 The Client will ensure that guests arrive in time for their pre-scheduled treatments.  The Freelance Therapists will make every effort to accommodate any changes due to lateness, but in such an event The Pamper Company will have no liability for any loss of treatment time.

4.5 The Client is responsible for ensuring individuals receiving a treatment who are 16 years or younger have a parent/guardian present for the duration of the treatment.

4.6 The Client is asked to provide a standard table and chairs for nail treatments and water refreshments for the event.

Payment Fees

5.0 All fees will be pre-paid before the Event unless alternative arrangements have been made with a Representative of The Pamper Company.  Additional treatments cannot be provided on the day unless arranged and paid directly to The Pamper Company, no cash payments for treatments are to be made on the day.

5.1 The Client is responsible for repaying any parking fees directly to the Freelance Therapist on the day of the Event.  Any congestion charges or toll fees will need to be paid in advance of the party.

5.2 Any Event booked within 14 days of the Event date, held on a Sunday, bank holiday, after 10pm, or if the Client changes the venue or pre-agreed date, will be subject to an additional fee of £20 payable in advance prior to the Event date.

5.3 The Event deposit is non-refundable and contributes towards the cost of acceptance and administration of the Event.  This term applies to bookings postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions enforced by Government guidelines.

Cancellation Fees

6.1 If the Client cancels the Event with at least 14 days’ notice, they will be entitled to a refund of monies paid, excluding the deposit.

6.2 If the Client cancels the Event with 7-14 days’ notice, 50% of monies paid will be refunded, excluding the deposit.

6.3 If the Client cancels the Event with less than 7 days’ notice, there will be no refunds issued.

6.4 In the event that the Government enforce COVID-19 restrictions directly leading to the cancellation of the Event, the option to reschedule at no extra cost to the Client will be made available.  Any monies paid would be transferred to the new booking.  The right to reschedule would run for a period of 12 months from the original booking date, and the new Event would need to be held in an area within the UK where The Pamper Company could provide their service.   Should the client choose not to reschedule, they would be eligible to a refund of monies paid excluding their deposit.

6.5 Refunds for individual Treatments cannot be provided if the Treatment is cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, there are no exceptions.  Guests showing signs of COVID-19 are asked not to attend the Event.  Any cancelled Treatment time may be shared between the remaining guests.  For the latest Government guidelines click here

6.6 The Pamper Company reserves the right to cancel the provision of the service without notice in the case of illness, COVID-19 related reasons of a Freelance Therapist or other circumstances beyond its control.  The Pamper Company will do its utmost to ensure the completion of the engagement in its entirety.  The Client acknowledges in the event that The Pamper Company is unable to fulfil its obligations by providing an alternate Freelance Therapist, the Client will be offered an alternative booking day or a full refund will be issued.

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We may update these terms from time-to-time by posting a new version on our website.  The Pamper Company recommends the Client reviews this page occasionally to ensure they understand the booking terms and conditions at that time.

These conditions and any contract into which they are incorporated shall be subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.