The ultimate treatment for relaxation which can be tailored to meet your needs.  Ranging from a neck and shoulder, leg and foot massage through to an indulgent full body massage.  The treatment requires the removal of clothing and the use of massage oils or creams (with the exception of a neck and shoulder massage which can be given in a standard low back chair).

The table below shows some of our on-site time and treatment lengths, if your requirements are not listed, please contact us as treatments can be tailored to your individual needs.

ON SITE TIME PER THERAPIST number of 15 minute treatments NUMBER OF 30 MINUTE TREATMENTS NUMBER OF 45 MINUTE TREATMENTS number of 60 minute treatments OUR PRICING £
1 hour 4 2 1 1 £58
2 hours 6 3 2 2 £116
3 hours 9 5 3 2 £126
4 hours 12 6 4 3 £168
5 hours 14 8 5 4 £210
6 hours 17 9 6 5 £252
7 hours 19 11 7 6 £294
8 hours 22 12 8 6 £336

Change-over times and therapist breaks are included in the above.


The treatment is given on a massage couch, your therapist will provide towels, oils and creams.  A neck and shoulder massage can also be provided in a standard low back chair or a specialist on-site massage chair


For couch massage at events, a private room is required.  It is also essential that the room is warm and quiet for maximum benefit.  The couch is approximately 6 foot long and additional space is required to allow the therapist to move around comfortably.


We suggest the following treatment times are allowed for an effective massage treatment.

  • Full Body Massage – 45 mins to 60 mins
  • Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – 30 mins to 45 mins
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage – 15 mins to 30 mins
  • Leg and Foot massage – 15 mins to 30 mins.


Massage in the office is suitable where a private room is available.  Couch massage can also be performed at public events provided the client feels at ease.  Alternative treatments would be Indian Head Massage or On-site Massage.