This relaxing treatment ranges from a 15 minute taster to an indulgent 60 minute treatment.  The Reflexologist will apply pressure using their thumbs to areas of the feet (or occasionally hands) and work along holistic principles aiming to treat your body and mind, leaving with you with an overall sense of wellbeing.

The table below shows some of our on-site time and treatment lengths, if your requirements are not listed, please contact us as treatments can be tailored to your individual needs.

ON SITE TIME PER THERAPIST NUMBER OF 15 MINUTE TREATMENTS number of 30 minute treatments number of 45 minute treatments OUR PRICING £
2 hours 6 3 2 £118
3 hours 9 5 3 £126
4 hours 12 6 4 £168
5 hours 14 8 5 £210
6 hours 17 9 6  £252
7 hours 19 11 7  £294
8 hours 22 12 8 £336

Change-over times and therapist breaks are included in the above.


Reflexology is suited to events as it can be provided in a standard chair and only the feet and or hands are treated.  It can be taken as a ‘one off’ as a ‘taster’ treatment enabling you to relax and unwind creating a sense of balance and wellbeing.


Reflexology is usually provided on a standard massage couch or an otherwise suitable chair supplied by the therapist. The Reflexologist may require a standard chair so they may be seated at the foot of the massage couch.


The couch is around 6 foot long and space is required for the therapist to sit at the foot of the couch.  A quiet and private room is recommended, however the treatment can be performed in more public areas as only feet are exposed.


A minimum of 15 minutes is recommended for a ‘taster’ reflexology at events, although treatments can extend through to an indulgent 60 minutes, we can tailor timings to your requirements.