A professional pedicure can be tailored to fit in with your event ranging from a 15 minute file, shape and polish up to a 45 minute indulgent treatment which includes cuticle work, complete nail shaping, exfoliation, leg and foot massage and finished with a standard polish of your choice.

The table below shows some of our on-site time and treatment lengths, if your requirements are not listed, please contact us as treatments can be tailored to your individual needs.

on site time per therapist number of 15 minute treatments number of 30 minute treatments number of 45 minute treatments our pricing £
 2 hours 6 3 2 £118
3 hours 9 5 3 £126
4 hours 12 6 4 £168
5 hours 14 8 5 £210
6 hours 17 9 6 £252
7 hours 19 11 7 £294
8 hours 22 12 8 £336

Change-over times and therapist breaks are included in the above.


Pedicures can be adapted to fit into any event, from a quick 15 minute file and shape to longer treatments if required.


A flexible treatment which can be given anywhere there is space for two standard chairs.  Your therapist will provide protective covering and nail polishes.


The pedicure is quite an involved treatment, especially if the feet and nails have not been treated recently.  Providing your feet and nails are clean and well kept, our 15 minute option gives you a quick file, shape and polish.  For a result with lasting quality we recommend either a 30 or 45 minute treatment.