On-Site Chair Massage

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The seated acupressure massage (seated chair massage) is a visual treatment that raises curiosity drawing in passing crowds. The massage targets acupressure points on the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck and arms through clothing and without the use of oils for convenience. Treatment time is usually 15 minutes but can be customised to suit the event.

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Indian Head Massage


A simple, convenient and effective massage which treats the head, face, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.  The massage is given through clothing and no oils are used.  The treatment time can be varied although we would recommend at least 10 – 15 minutes as a minimum.

*Indian Head Massage therapists may provide their own stool or may require the provision of a standard chair.

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manicure manos06

A quick file with a relaxing hand massage or a shape and polish.  The mini manicure can be performed in 15 minutes and is a must if you want to draw in a female audience.  Treatment times can be shortened by offering a short hand massage rather than shaping and polishing.

* A standard table and 2 chairs will be required.

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make up How-to-choose-makeup-artist-school


A makeover will enhance natural features and transform appearance. Therapists will provide products.

* A standard chair will be required.




Close-up of hands of massage therapist giving a foot massage

A technique using pressure points mainly on the feet with the aim of improving the flow of energy around the body. Treatment times can be shortened to a 15 minute taster for events.

* A standard chair will be required.

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A treatment which can be tailored to fit in with your event, ranging from a 15 minute file and shape up to a 45 minute indulgent treatment which includes a luxury foot massage and polish.

* A standard table and chairs will be required.

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A revitalising treatment for the face leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Timescales can be adapted for events

* Therapists will provide a 6 feet couch for facials.

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Sports Massage


Sports massage differs from traditional massage in that it targets specific muscles associated with the prevention or management of aches and pains.  A popular choice at the end of charity runs or sporting events.



Other Treatments

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We have listed the most popular event based treatments.  If you require a treatment that is not listed, please contact us as there is a good chance we will have a therapist amongst our large network who can provide the treatment.