Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book last minute?

We can often accommodate last minute bookings, but this cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the therapist availability. Please note that if your short notice booking request is placed at the weekend, it may not be dealt with until the following Monday which may limit availability.


Less than one day: Add £30
Less than two days: Add £20
Less than three days: Add £10

How does the service work?

We’ve tried to keep the service as convenient and affordable as possible. You simply book your therapist for the specified time and split that time equally between the guests. There is no need to pre-organise a treatments rota, guests can receive treatments one after the other as they are ready.

Is time allowed for change-overs?

The timing of our treatments allows for 5 minutes between each client to allow for a brief client consultation and preparation of equipment and products for the next client. The timing also allows for a 10–15 minute break during the evening for your therapist to take a breather.

Why is there a £7.50 surcharge for London bookings?

We pay therapists a little extra inside the M25 to acknowledge some of the extra difficulties that London based therapists have when travelling to people’s homes.

How is the party organised?

We will send you an itinerary for your Mid-Week Pampering which will include the contact details for your therapist, along with details of the package you have booked and general advice on preparation.

What if the party numbers change?

If a guest drops out or another guest is added at the last minute, the remaining time can be simply split between the final number of guests according to the final guest numbers (see the ‘Treatment Times’ table above or refer to the table sent along with your itinerary). For example, if you originally book a 3 hour event with 5 people each having 30 minute treatments and one guest drops out, the remaining 4 guests can then have 40 minute treatments each.

What is your availability?

Mid-Week Pampering service is available from Monday to Thursday, daytime or evenings.

For larger groups and more therapists, please see our standard Pamper Party packages.

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