The Bartender

We have teamed up with the mobile cocktail experts at TheBartender to provide their professional and entertaining cocktail making services to your Pamper Party guests.

Expertly prepared cocktails at home

TheBartender services are a perfect complement to your Pamper Party, enjoy your massages and beauty treatments during the afternoon followed by a classy cocktail party in your own home or hired venue.

Special Offer

Book The Pamper Party and TheBartender for your event and receive an additional 30 minute pamper treatment and an extra 30 minutes from your Bar Tender.

How to Book

Complete our Booking Request Form or contact TheBartender directly and mention that you would like to take advantage of our combined offers. You will then be contacted by both companies to confirm availability. Once your bookings have been confirmed by both companies you will receive confirmation of your additional free services.

How to Use your Extra 30 Minutes of Pampering

Your extra 30 minutes can be added to one of the guest’s treatment times or split into 2 15 minute extra treatments. The extra time can only be added to the time available with the package booked and not as treatment time for an extra guest. For example, if you’re having a hen party, your extra 30 minutes may be added to the hen’s standard treatment time.


Offer applies to bookings made with The Pamper Party and TheBartender at a single event
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions offered by either company
Offer applies to Pamper Parties with at least 6 guests and TheBartender bookings of at least 2 hours
All bookings and promotions are subject to availability and suitability of the event
It is recommended that TheBartender takes place after, or towards the end, of the Pampering sessions as treatments may be refused to anyone who appears to have consumed too much alcohol

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