Birthday Parties

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Make your birthday special by sharing a Pamper Party with your family or friends or surprise someone with one of our Gift Vouchers.

A Pamper Party appeals to all ages and is a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Express from £28 pp   Chill-out from £39 pp   Indulgence from £52 pp   teen Parties


To keep things simple for you, the organiser can invite guests online who then log in to select their treatments.  We will appoint a Party Representative and provide you with a login to our system on confirmation of your party booking.  We’ve refined our processes over the years to ensure that the party is taken care of so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


The birthday girl may appreciate feeling a little younger with a rejuvenating pampering treatment in her own home. See our Pamper Gift Vouchers for ideas (12 years old and over).


Pamper Party packages can be chosen at Pamper Parties or Teen Parties (for 12-16 year olds).  To help you, we have provided a detailed list of frequently asked questions at FAQs.

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